Professor Dr. Semir Al Samarrai

Director of Professor Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Shockwaves Treatment
For Men
الموجات التصادميه علاج
لضعف الجنسى عند الرجال
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Infertility problems in men
مشاكل العقم عند الرجال
Male Infertility Doctor in Dubai
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prostate problems, enlargement
inflammation ,cancer
مشاكل البروستاتا تضخمها والتهاباتها وسرطانها
Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai
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Laproscopic kidney and ureteral stones
تفتيت حصى الكلى والحالب منظاريا

Best Kidney Stone Doctors in Dubai
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treatment reflux, incontinence
Cryptorchidism in Children
علاج الارتجاع والسلس البولى والخصية المهاجرة عند الاطفال
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The new innovative treatment of erectile dysfunction with linear shock wave .. available in prof al samarrai medical center.

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Male Infertility Doctor In Dubai

In 1999, Professor Dr. Semir Al-Samarrai, an eminent male infertility doctor in Dubai started his own clinic center in Dubai on the name of Al-Samarrai Medical Center. This medical center specialized in Urology, Urosurgery, Andrology, Sexology, and Infertility. The treatments of the aforementioned diseases are done either using conservative methodologies or using surgical procedures, or Laparoscopically, or Endoscopically. Dr. Semir Al-Samarrai, is also one of the famous and best kidney stone doctors in Dubai has a unique method to treat Prostatic Cancer patients; his radical ad nerve-sparing removal technique is unique and works the best to treat Prostatic Cancer.

Urology, this surgical yet conservative specialty deals with Urinary Tract diseases in both male and female and also the male reproductive organs. A Urologist is required to have in-depth knowledge about the internal medicine, Pediatrics, Male Infertility, how to treat Kidney stone, Gynecology that deals with female reproductive system (includes Vagina, Uterus, Ovaries, and the breasts), and other specialties because this particular Medical specialty treats a number of clinical problems. Best Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Dubai also comes under the ambit of this specialty. A Gynaecologist is supposed to take care of the reproductive system of women while an Obstetrician deals with the pre-natal and post-natal care of women. Al- Samarrai Medical has the best urologist in Dubai, visit Prof Alsam Facebook for more.

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Kidney Diseases

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Urinary Bladder Disease

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Prostate Disease

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Male Infertility

Al-Samarrai Medical Center

Erectile Dysfunction In Dubai

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Urology is not only a surgical specialty but a conservative specialty that deals with diseases of the male and female urinary tract and the male reproductive organs. Urology is classified as a surgical and nonsurgical specialty,

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Andrology & Male Infertility

The Science of Men which deals with diseases and conditions specific to men. Male infertility doctor focuses entirely on the treatment of conditions affecting male infertility and sexuality,

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Shockwaves treatment for men

The new innovative treatment of erectile dysfunction with linear shock wave .. available in prof al samarrai medical center. By arabic

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