Premature or Rapid Ejaculation

Semir A. S. Al Samarrai

Premature or Rapid Ejaculation is recurrent with minimal stimulation that occurs before, upon, shortly after penetration, more simply, it is an ejaculation that occurs before that affected individual wishes ejaculate.

Clinical judgement is involved in determining the effect of age, inexperience with sexual partner, frequency of sexual activity, duration of sexual excitement and novelty of situation.

Couples have a higher individual notion of what is premature and men suffer from misinformation. The prevailing definition of premature ejaculation focuses on the man’s sense of voluntary control over ejaculation functioning. This dysfunction can have for reacting effects of a man leading to feeling of inadequacy, depression, or selfishness. The cause of premature ejaculation is probably both physiological and psychogenic. Physiologically, because some men may have a heightened sensitivity to penile stimulation or one who is unaware of reaching the point of ejaculation inevitably, there maybe some correlation between too rapid ejaculation and prolonged period of abstinence from ejaculation or intercourse

Master and Johnson suggest a psychogenic etiology for premature ejaculation such as faulty learning and conditioning, treatment techniques include cognitive behavioural interventions as well as teaching the stop-start or squeeze techniques.

The modern treatments results showed high efficiency especially with dopaminergic reuptake inhibitions property.


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